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By Elisabeth Sophia, Illustrated by Anita Bagdi

If You Were Here

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If You Were Here is a beautiful rhyming story for little ones who have lost someone important to them. Through a little boy’s journey of loss to hope, If You Were Here shows us how we are always and forever connected to those we cherish.

A moving story with universal themes of love, loss, resilience and family, written from the unique viewpoint of a child for a touching and relatable perspective.

This story is for children, their parents and loved ones, but is also suitable to be used in educational and therapeutic settings to teach children about the feelings surrounding loss by navigating through the process together with the child narrator.

This tender story is brought to life with magical illustrations that take the reader into the child narrator’s imagination and on his emotional journey of healing with him - from sadness, to hope and light.

"If you were here I’d hug you tight,
If you were here I’d say,
‘You are my very bestest friend.’
I wish you could have stayed."

Written by Elisabeth Sophia

Illustrated by Anita Bagdi



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Anita Bagdi is a self-taught freelance children’s book illustrator, a mum of two wonderful girls and a worried warrior of climate change. With her quirky, whimsical book illustrations she loves creating mood, capturing everyday feelings and telling a story with a twist or a sparkle of magic. In her spare time, she shares powerful illustrations about our relationship with the natural world and explores folk art from her Hungarian cultural heritage. Anita lives with her family in the sunny Bournemouth, UK. 


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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Bassmann
A perfect gift in a tough time

I bought this book after hearing about it on a podcast. My friend lost her father unexpectedly and leaving young grandchildren behind too.
I gifted this book as a token of my thoughts and love and it was so appreciated.
My friend and her children have enjoyed reading the book together and thinking about their Poppy together.

Tammy McCubbin-Burgess
Such a beautiful story.

I have lost both parents this year and purchased this for my young children. It took me 3 attempts to reach the end as it brought out so much emotion. Thank you.

Taylor Jackson

I sent this to my 3 year old niece from her ‘Nanny in heaven’ with a note that was so beautifully written. Such a wonderful book that made all us cry

Erin Wilson
Thank you for writing this book.

I lost my mum before I had my son, but finding a book that talks so openly and beautifully about a loss so similar to ours means the world to me. I will continue to talk about my mum and read your incredible story to my boy to help keep Nannie Mill alive in our hearts. Thank you for writing it.

Heartwarming and beautifully written. A book that turns heartache into a much needed hug 🥹

This book is gently and beautifully detailed on the pain and heartache that little ones may not yet understand when a family grieves together and travels down the road of losing someone near and dear. It flows so nicely with the use of rhyme, making it all the more understandable for children. It helps with understanding the content as well as draw us in as we read on, flowing from rhyme to rhyme.
I gifted this beautiful book to myself and my 3 sisters. Each book was beautifully gift wrapped, filled with a personalised note and sealed with a cover sticker. From all my sisters, tears rolled instantly upon reading the first few pages, if not just seeing the beautiful message written by Elisabeth’s son to his Yiayia. Thank you for writing so beautifully. I’m not sure how else to express such appreciation for a book that helps children and, without a doubt, adults too. Thank you for all the feels and emotion. It truly bled onto every page. I wasn’t able to read this without shedding a few tears here and there and a few more tears on some pages more than others. I cannot wait to purchase more of your works x