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By Elisabeth Sophia Illustrated by Anita Bagdi


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A willow tree stood proud and tall, roots deep within the soil...

A beautiful story of courage and resilience—Willow shows us that it is not the fall, but how we rise again that matters.

Written by Elisabeth Sophia

Illustrated by Anita Bagdi

HARDCOVER with beautiful gold foil detail

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Each parcel is beautifully wrapped in decorative tissue paper with the option of personalised notes written on beautiful card.



Anita Bagdi is a self-taught freelance children’s book illustrator, a mum of two wonderful girls and a worried warrior of climate change. With her quirky, whimsical book illustrations she loves creating mood, capturing everyday feelings and telling a story with a twist or a sparkle of magic. In her spare time, she shares powerful illustrations about our relationship with the natural world and explores folk art from her Hungarian cultural heritage. Anita lives with her family in the sunny Bournemouth, UK. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jasmyn Kennedy
Absolutely Beautiful!

This book is written beautifully and somehow felt like it was written just for my daughter and what she has going on for her currently

My little girl Willow feels so special with this book it is the most beautiful thing for me to see

Thank you so very much for taking the time to personally hand write the long messages into the books for my girls. So so much care and thought put into the packaging. I can tell they were created and posted with so much love. I couldn’t recommend this book enough especially for kids that have been through something difficult it is such a beautiful representation of strength.
Thank you so much Elisabeth, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any new books you create in the future


Such a beautiful book. My niece and nephew absolutely love it 💛

Shabana Hussain, award-winning author of Hamza Attends a Janaza

Elisabeth and Anita pairing up again with another beautiful book. Anita's stunning artwork coupled with Elisabeth's soft, yet powerful words about a story of struggle, resilience and hope is a perfect match. Such a great way to boost children and adults when they're going through the tough times. Congratulations on another gorgeous book Elisabeth. A definite keepsake. 😍

Farah El Saket
An eloquent read showing the power of resistance

A beautifully written book that my kids dove deep into its meanings.

A beautiful interpretation of regrowth

We have Elisabeth’s entire collection of books and my daughter loves them all! She’s one and a half! Elisabeth has such a way of transforming strength, pain and growth that even in the most subtle ways, you find yourself sharing a moment you didn’t know you needed with your littlest love. Although these texts may be set up for children, I, as an adult and a mum, have been moved deeply by Elisabeth’s pieces. The illustrations are simply beautiful too 🤩 Everything already comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. These were ready to go straight under the Christmas tree. Thank you again x